JOHNCOO 100mm 10g Fishing Lure Wobbler Potopu Pisanec Trde Plastike Pisanec Ščuka Bas ribolov pisanec vab


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  • Položaj: Ocean Rock Ribolov
  • Blagovna Znamka: JOHNCOO
  • Kategorija: LURE

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The order was delivered 15 days before UFA, which is very fast. Cost in 204r. Color is good, rings are flat, durable. Tees are bomb, I did not see any more, the sting is cut like a spear on 3 sides (not just round), with notches. Very sharp, they stick to the fingers. Loops are all filled, you do not need to glue anything. With native fittings wobbler slowly sinking. I came in a branded box. In general, very high quality of wobbler performance, bear level. The games of my own, I understand, no, I chose for myself an easy twisting with pauses for him, caught a shoelace. To buy strongly recommend.