Architects v akustični podobi

Britanski metalcore heroji Architects so izdali prav posebno izdajo svojega singla A Wasted Hymn. Akustična prevleka komada A Wasted Hymn nam ponuja temačno besedilo v prav posebni luči.

A Wasted Hymn lyrics

Waiting for a sign
Washed up on the shoreline
I’ll always carry the cross
But all is not lost

I just can’t relate
A crack in the floodgate
Life comes at a cost
But all is not lost

Is this penance for my sins?
I gave everything for this phantom limb
Holy ghost
Nothing lasts forever

Now it’s time to sink or swim
I’ve got nothing except this wasted hymn
Holy ghost
Nothing lasts forever

Taking back what’s mine
But it’s lost to the skyline
A bridge I cannot cross
But all is not lost

Now there’s no escape
God, what a sorry state
Love comes at a cost
But all is not lost

Can you feel the empty space?
Can you feel the fire at the gates?
Can you live a life worth dying for?

Dejan Cvijanović

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